Executive Coaching is particularly valuable for nonprofit Founders, Board officers, and new CEO/Executive Directors. (Both first-time Executive Directors or those who are new to the organization.) This powerful tool is especially helpful when an organization is just starting out—or when they are undergoing significant transition.

Unlike other consulting services where the professional “does for” the agency, the Executive Coach supports and empowers an organizational leader to independently drive progress and change. A goal-driven process, Executive Coaching demands some level of accountability from the client—knowing that a phone/video session is approaching and certain client-designated tasks are supposed to be completed by then. For folks who need a little “push” to stay on track, Executive Coaching is ideal. For those who need elevated support as they navigate the often difficult nonprofit environment—Executive Coaching may be essential.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • It helps to explore and clarify thoughts, concerns, and remedies in a supportive but objective forum.
  • It helps to improve focus and pinpoint professional/organizational priorities.
  • It is goal-centric and deadline-driven during and between sessions.
  • It helps in the identification and execution of targeted strategies to resolve organizational challenges.
  • It helps nonprofit leaders build effective, high-producing teams AND/OR apply non-threatening strategies/approaches to heal dysfunctional or damaged interpersonal dynamics within the organization; including those involving personnel, among two or more Board members, and where relationships external to the agency are strained.
  • It is strengths-based and pro-active—offering steady affirmation and constructive feedback related to leadership skills, professional growth, and specific organizational decision-making choices.
  • It helps clients become more dynamic organizational leaders, while additionally enhancing confidence, positive outcomes, and consistently sound decision-making.
  • It can offer discovery opportunities for the individual client related to not only their current role at a nonprofit organization, but what they seek with regard to long-term personal and career aspirations.
  • It provides a confidential ally who supports the individual client through crises, moderate to extreme stress and anxiety, and the structural isolation so often felt by top nonprofit leadership.
  • Done right, this process is supposed to be energizing rather than an emotional burden. Clients should look forward to Executive Coaching sessions. If not, you have the wrong Coach.

Fully Customized To Your Needs

The duration of the Executive Coaching relationship is variable, typically ranging anywhere from a few sessions to regular meet-ups over the course of 2-6 months. Frequency of phone or video sessions are based on client needs, and can occur once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month. Generally speaking, new engagements are more intensive, with sessions becoming less frequent as the nonprofit leader feels their professional environment has stabilized and become more manageable.

We will work together to find the session frequency, duration, and framework that best works for YOU. If you are ready to consider this type of service, give us a call to chat about your circumstances and needs.