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Specializing in the full-service, tailored support of start-up and young non-profit organizations, as well as more established agencies undergoing expansions, transitions or transformation. All services fall under the key categories of Development, Growth, and Sustainability.


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For the hourly price investment, we get more than grants written; Mary gives us direction, efficiency, and relevance to a broad audience. Mary’s results are more than grants received. Where the message we would have created without Mary might have compelled a few people to give donations in the hundreds of dollars, Mary resonated our message to compel dozens of persons and corporations to give gifts in the thousands of dollars.

What I like about working with Mary is that the process is invigorating. Not only does she write, ...she directs and leads. Today we know more about our mission than we did when we first looked at her website. I knew the competition is great, and what we wanted was a competitive edge. To get that... Mary showed us how to change our selves.

Tom Meyer - Founder, The Aaron Meyer Foundation Madison, Wisconsin

Our Out of School proposal to the Miami Children’s Trust ranked 8th best out of 160 applications. Many organizations that have historically received Trust funds suffered drastically reduced budgets. Some were not funded at all. In fact, the Trust only funded 80 of the 160 proposals. We were awarded $978,000 for the period of August 1, 2008 to July 31, 2009…

We credit Mary with assisting us in presenting our case for continued funding in a climate of budget cuts.

Rev. Linda P. Freeman - Executive Director, Peacemaker Family Center/Trinity Church Miami, Florida

Having served as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service for almost a decade, the term "trust" is not one that I use lightly when defining a person. For my line of work in the safety and security industry, I make it a point to ensure that I have a comfortable feel for an individual before I begin to trust them. As such, I hope you understand the weight of my words when I say that I trust Mary Costello. She has proven to me that her actions are selfless in nature, that she understands the meaning of accountability and responsibility, and that she believes that a person's integrity is paramount in professional and personal relationships.

I hope that you will offer Mary Costello the opportunity to show you how impressive she is. I genuinely believe that she will exceed your highest expectations, as she did mine.

Jason Wells - President & Co-Founder, National Advancements for Proactive Safety, Inc. Columbia, Maryland

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