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Led by Social Worker Mary E. Costello, Creative Edge Consulting offers one-stop-shop services for non-profits throughout the United States. Whether you need help with the complexities of a single governmental grant application or require intensive organizational development from A thru Z, …you have come to the right place! CEC offers a wide array of customized support services to help non-profits maximize impact and efficacy.

CEC specializes in start-up organizations, as well as the restructuring, improvement, sustainability, and expansion of more established agencies. Need money? Over 65 non-profits have been served since February of 2005, with many clients more than doubling their previous fundraising outcomes after joining us. We can likely help you too!

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Most of our customers are brand new or very young non-profits, and almost everyone comes to us with grant funding in mind. Yet, many initially lack the infrastructure and systems that are crucial to winning funding of any kind. That is where we come in. Step by step, we will help you position your organization for greatest success—from great new programming to how well you are funded.


Non-profits are frequently engaged in some form of transition—from start-ups to ambitious expansions. And then there is that mid-way point where an organization is involved in improvement activities. Our transitional supports include everything from Interim ED services to Executive Coaching and Board training. We also often help resolve interpersonal issues that create difficulty for the agency.    


Whether an organization is venturing into the grants realm for the first time or wants to compete for a big-ticket governmental award, Creative Edge can help. But we also create comprehensive fiscal development plans that include all potential (and, often, previously untapped) funding streams. This helps the non-profit across-the-board, including when it comes to successful grant outcomes.


CEC starts with the core premise that funding success is a by-product of organizational excellence. Grant applications are one example of this, since it is virtually impossible to craft a winning proposal in absence of proper planning and infrastructure. Yet, this is exactly what some non-profits try to do. Almost without exception, new customers want to pursue grants when they first call. But, in our entire history so far, we have never served as simply a “grant writer” for any of our clients. Each required a higher level of support, which is what sets us apart from other firms.

CEC services are customized to meet the distinct needs of each organization. For some, our job is to detect what may be lacking in a grant proposal prior to submission—making all the difference in whether or not it will be funded. For others, we might step back as far as revising a mission statement and reaching consensus among Board members as relates to direction. We do it all, from developing brand new projects to introducing more effective messaging and arguments for support.

We seek to help change the world by offering non-profits the support and tools necessary to function at their optimal best. Exceptional organizations always receive the greatest funding support, so, yes, we help with that as well. We just flip the initial focus, since high-quality service provision and innovation are the keys to critically-needed funding.


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