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Health Insurance Denials? ProPublica Reports on Efforts to Deny Coverage to Chronically Ill Patient

More than 200 million Americans are covered by private health insurance. But data from state and federal regulators shows that insurers reject about 1 in 7 claims for treatment. Many people, faced with fighting insurance companies, simply give up: One study found that Americans file formal appeals on only 0.1% of claims denied by insurers under the Affordable Care Act.

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Grant Competition: Too Soon or Too Late?

I would never go as far as to suggest that you not pursue grant funding as a brand new organization or that an agency in fiscal trouble is necessarily doomed in grants competition. But there is a window involved where you are apt to have more promising outcomes.

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Stepping Stones: How To Start A New Nonprofit

For the purposes of this article — I will assume you are a new Founder, have limited experience in the non-profit sector (at least in terms of how to start a new organization or lead/grow one), and seek information about where you should begin with this new endeavor. (Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have clicked on this article.) And so, that is where we will focus for today; our first set of stepping stones when establishing a new 501(c)(3).

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