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Creative Edge Consulting

Individual CEC Services

501(c)(3) Applications

Board of Directors Retreat Facilitation

Budget Development (including multi-year/multi-program projections)

By-Laws (*Procedural Items Only - No legal advice can be offered)

Conflict Resolution & Consensus Building

Corporate Sponsorship Packages

Creative & Technical Writing

Executive Coaching (Non-Profit Only—Executive Directors and Board)

Fiscal Development Plans (to include all funding streams)

Funding Prospect & Other Research (e.g.; Best Practices, Studies/Stats)

Fundraising Advice (Special Events, Raffles, Major Gifts, etc.)

Fundraising Plea Letters/Donation Requests

General Editing/Re-Write Services

Grant Proposals (Government, Foundation, Corporate)

Interim Executive Leadership/Transitional Management Services

Letters of Inquiry/Introduction

Marketing Tools (Brochures, Fact Sheets, Press Releases, etc.)

Mission Statements & Effective Messaging

Newsletters & Annual Reports

Organizational & Program/Project Development

Organizational Systems Creation

Organizational Turnaround/Rapid Crisis Response

Organizational/Program Assessment

Partnership Cultivation & Joint Project Agreements

Policies & Procedures (Organizational, Program, Personnel)

Program Evaluation Tools/Protocols

PSA & Promo Slide Show Production (coming soon)

Quality Assurance Programs/Protocols

Scripts & Screenplays

Speeches & Talking Points

Staff Training Workshop Facilitation

Staff Training/Employee Manuals

Strategic Planning/Capacity Building

Web Design/Web Copy

Let’s Talk About It!


Creative Edge Consulting supports non-profit organizations throughout the repeating life/growth cycle—from infancy to complete reinvention. As you may have noticed from our website, services reflect three key areas of non-profit functioning and health:




While many non-profit efforts seem linear in nature (and sometimes are for a time), cycles of invention, design or redesign, and strategic shifts never stop… no matter how long your organization has existed. For this reason, CEC services are highly interconnected. Targeted approaches and focus vary in response to a non-profit’s unique circumstances, but most organizations engage in all activities reflected in our category breakdowns throughout their life spans. Or, at least they should. Find out more by visiting our individual information pages for each key service area (service menu to the right) and viewing our full services list at the bottom of this page.

“After you've done a thing the same way for two years, look it over carefully.

After five years, look at it with suspicion. And, after ten years,

throw it away and start all over.”

~Alfred Edward Perlman

New York Times

July 3, 1958







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Development, Growth, and Sustainability

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