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Creative Edge Consulting

Executive Coaching is particularly valuable for non-profit Founders, Board officers, and new CEO/Executive Directors. (Both first-time Executive Directors or those who are new to the organization.) This powerful tool is especially helpful when an organization is just starting out—or when they are undergoing significant transition.

Unlike other consulting services where the professional “does for” the agency, the Executive Coach supports and empowers an organizational leader to independently institute progress and change. A goal-driven process, Executive Coaching demands some level of accountability from the client—knowing that a phone session is approaching and certain client-designated tasks are supposed to be completed by then. For folks who need a little “push” to stay on track, Executive Coaching is ideal. For those who desperately need elevated support as they navigate the often difficult non-profit environment—Executive Coaching is essential.

Benefits of the Executive Coaching Process:


The duration of the Executive Coaching relationship is variable. Typical length ranges between 2-5 months. Frequency of phone sessions are based on client needs, and can occur once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month. Generally speaking, new engagements are more intensive, with phone sessions becoming less frequent as the non-profit leader feels their professional environment has stabilized and become more manageable.  


We start with the client completing a written “starting point” questionnaire about their professional background, current situation, challenges, and concerns. Then, within a week, the actual work begins during a 1.5 hour introductory phone session. This is followed by 1-hour follow-ups for the next 6 weeks (or other established session interval schedule, i.e., bi-weekly or monthly).  

As we approach the conclusion of the preliminary 7, and possibly only, Executive Coaching sessions, we mutually evaluate the need to continue and—if so—at what duration and frequency. If you are facing unusually challenging circumstances that require extended resolution time… we will be here for as long as you need us.