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“Grant Competition: Too Soon or Too Late?”

“Benefits of Executive Coaching”

“Stepping Stones: How to Start a New Non-Profit”

“Takes Money to Win Money: Fiscal Health and Expectations of a Start-up”

“It Ain’t Cheap: Making the Most of the Consultancy Relationship”

“Charting Course: The Value and Necessity of Strategic Planning”

“Warding Off the Blues: Perspectives When Faced With Grant Request Denial”

“The Non-Profit Founder's Dilemma: Tempering Issues of Control and Ownership"

"Semantics: Why Wording Matters"

“Writing to the Grant: Following Funder Guidelines”

"Money For Nothing: Rethinking How You Approach Funders"

“Fundability 101: Realistic Expectations & Honest Non-Profit Self-Assessment”

“Stop The Madness: Straight Talk about Percentage Deals & Contingency Pay”   

“The Truth About Grants: Ten Basic Points”

“What Is The Difference Between a Free Grant Writer and One That Costs $80 Per Hour?”

“Grant Writer Guarantees – What Can Legitimately Be Promised To A Non-Profit”


New instructional eBooks will shortly become available for purchase in the COS Store (in late 2018). Topics will include helpful information for new non-profit leaders, step-by-step “how to” workbooks and other tools for organizational or program development,  ...and much more!  

 Stay tuned!

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Starting in 2018, new CEC articles will appear at the COS Store, located on the CEC-mobile website. Podcasts will also be available starting in early 2018. Check it out!